Opening of KAIS Portal Site in English

gKamagaya Area Information Serviceh (hereinafter referred to just as gKAISh), an NPO (Non Profit Organization) in the Kamagaya City, initiated its activities starting from May 2003 after being certified by the Chiba Prefecture.

The visions of establishing the KAIS NPO are, for the sake of citizens and businesses in Kamagaya and in its neighborhood cities, to contribute in leveraging the life and welfare of those citizens and in activating regional economies, through the KAIS Portal Site providing valuable information for day-to-day civil lives over the net, in order to realize the goal of the gTowns for the Citizensh.

The business domains of the KAIS NPO are five as follows:

1. Outsourcing from the Kamagaya City to make the goal through the stable business operations and to gain its social credibility.

2. Provision of the Web site information to residents and businesses in the Kamagaya City and its surrounding neighborhood to leverage the life and welfare of the people and to activate regional economies.

3. Assistances and supports towards the citizenfs grass-roots activities by planning and implementing a series of culture seminars and observation-tours to create opportunities of encounters, self-developments and social contributions.

4. Home page businesses, such as home page production, site maintenance, advertisement and consulting, with regard to the townfs activation.

5. IT trainings of PC and Internet fundamentals for the residents, self-employed workers and elderly people to solve so-called gdigital divideh.

The KAIS NPO, from its establishment, has been addressing Japanese citizens so far, and on the other hand foreign residents in Kamagaya are now exceeding one thousand with majority of the Filipino, Chinese and Korean plus Brazilian, Thai and Peruvian and so forth. The Kamagaya City and the KIFA (Kamagaya International Friendship Association) have been providing those foreign residents with English information, which doesnft look sufficient though, and it should be adequate if more enriched information on day-to-day lives be provided to those foreign residents to secure the lives with more security and safety.

The KAIS NPO has been looking forward to providing English information to those foreign residents, because it is very crucial indeed to provide vital information to foreign residents in a timely manner especially in case of emergency, such as the major catastrophe last year 3.11, which actually showed the inappropriateness of the information pipeline among the parties involved. But unfortunately the KAIS NPO has not been able to realize due to the lack of English translation staff capabilities.

The KAIS NPO is very much pleased to announce that it has been able to solve staffing problem of English translation and now become ready from this year of 2012 to provide those foreign residents in the Kamagaya City and its surrounding neighborhood with information not limited to on the day-to-day lives and the disaster and crime prevention, but also including the introduction of the gCool Japanh, town events and local peoplefs life to those foreign residents interested in Japanese cultures.

The KAIS NPO is looking for more foreign visitors to access this KAIS Portal Site with more frequency and also forward to hearing any comments from them.

Sincerely yours,

August 1, 2012

Director General